Lords of the Eastern Reach

Lords of the Eastern Reach is based on Obsidian Entertainment’s award winning and best-selling Pillars of Eternity computer role-playing game. You play a lord and lady of the Eastern Reach of Eora. Your job is to hire troops, recruit heroes, and build defences to fend off fiendish monsters. Resources are represented by tokens, while the buildings and armies are cards. Draw resources on your turn, but your leftovers are passed on to the other players. Every turn you may choose to go on dangerous adventures or engage in battles against your fellow players.

Contents: 198 City Cards, 46 Dungeon Cards, 44 Wilderness Cards, 23 Quest Cards, 13 Hireling Cards, 6 Allegiance Cards, 2 Reference Cards, 54 Resource Tokens, 12 Phrase Tokens, 2 Pet Tokens, 1 Event Tile, 24 Soul Gems, 4 Six-sided Dice, 1 Event Die, 1 Ethereal Piglet, and 1 Resource Bag

Age 14+ (Some components are not suitable for small children)

1-4 players

60-120 minutes